Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Orlando's Best Fried Seafood

For my Seafood Lover's,

If you really really Love seafood like I do, I found a hidden treasure this past week.

I'm from Jacksonville, Fl and being surrounded by water I have been accustomed to great seafood by having it at my disposal whenever the urge hits me. Since living in Orlando I haven't found anything close to St. John's Seafood or Gene's Seafood some of Jacksonville's prime time Fried Seafood joints...Shout out to Duval!!!

Any who I recently discovered Boston's Fish House in Winter Park, and it was Freakin Fantastic! I decided to go Friday after work and boy was that the wrong time to go. As soon as I got there, there was a line outside the restaurant. I figured since the line was long it had to be good so I stayed and waited patiently with the other anxious guest who looked like they came there often. I decided to study the menu which wasn't available while you waited so I went to get one from the greeter and rushed back in line so I wouldn't lose my spot. The menu was extensive but straight forward. I decided I wanted to try a bit of everything so I ordered the Boston's Dinner Platter which came fried or broiled. I went with the fried platter which included Sea Scallops, Cod fish, Shrimp, Clams and Onion rings for $21.95. It also came with two sides so I chose fries and coleslaw. I waited for about 30 minutes outside and as soon as I got to the door I was greeted and shown where to stand in line.

As soon as I stepped in I felt like I was in Boston; there were Boston license plates all on the walls, a throw back Boston Celtic's poster and a chalk board with today's specials written on it. The line inside was like a theme park line waiting for a ride but shorter. There was one cashier taking orders who surprisingly was very thorough and kept the line moving. I decided to call my friend to join me, for one he didn't have to wait in line and two they had Fried Farm Raised Catfish and my friend Love's catfish. So I added a 9 oz. portion of catfish with fries and macaroni which was a new side. His meal was $12.00 not bad.

The place was crowded and by the looks of it seating was limited but as soon as my order was taken I waited a few minutes and was seated pretty quickly. There were waiters running back and forth from the kitchen with trays full of golden fried seafood and it looks good. A waiter brings me my sweet tea which was brewed fresh and sweet. A couple of minutes go by and another waiter flies by my table and says "Here is an order of extra catfish that was double ordered would you like to try it"....He must knew I was hungry because I said sure!!!! It's not often you get free samples for food that was double ordered..why? I don't know it should be a rule. The catfish was golden brown not greasy but yet soft and flaky, I grabbed the tartar sauce and went at it. The tartar sauce was good as well, not too tangy and just the right amount of relish in each squirt. About 10 minutes past by and here comes my platter piping hot, piled high and straight from the grease, the way fried seafood should be served. This platter can definitely be shared but at that moment it was all about me. My friends platter of catfish was piled high and and if he didn't get there soon it was going to be devoured.

The sea scallops were not over cooked, in fact they were fried just right. The shrimp were plump and crunchy with every bite. The clams were not fried too hard and I was able to actually taste the flavor of the clam, nothings worse than a chewy clam that you can't seem to swallow. The cod fish was prepared in square chunks that were also flaky and flavorful. Of course I had to use a country girls favorite condiments mustard and hot sauce...Um mm. The onion rings which seems to be BFH signature appetizer were very delicious and were a good compliment to the fried seafood, sweet onions that were soft, not greasy and the batter stayed on while you ate it. My side of coleslaw was good, not too watery yet sweet and crunchy.

By now my friend was running late so the waitress offered to re fry his order at no charge, talk about friendly. By the time he got there he had a fresh order of catfish waiting on him and he dug in he enjoyed the catfish but the macaroni wasn't all that great..but what do you expect it was a new item.

All in all I give two thumbs up to Boston's Fish House, and highly recommend that you check them out, but not on a Friday after work. I would suggest going during the week or call in for a pick up order. But to experience a true Boston's Fish House experience you'll never forget you should visit at least once.

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